About us

The idea behind ActiveJ is to revolutionize the Java industry with ground-breaking technologies.

It all started 5 years ago, when we were striving to create a genuinely high-load ecosystem at AdKernel, an RTB (Real Time Bidding) ad-serving platform. At the time, we needed to process more than 100 billion inbound requests daily. We tested dozens of Java platforms and frameworks and none of them was flexible and powerful enough for our purpose.

That’s why we set an ambitious goal to create a solution that would overcome the drawbacks of the prevailing Java ecosystems. We believed that a perfect Java platform must be lightweight, holistic, and powerful, without a bunch of separate technologies cobbled together with layers of excessive abstractions.

We managed to achieve these high standards, and now we are proud to present ActiveJ as a highly efficient and powerful open-source alternative to Spring, Spark, Quarkus, Micronauts, Jetty, Netty, and others. ActiveJ is battle-tested in production, processing hundreds billions of requests daily.

Our team

Dmitriy Volvach, co-founder, Director
Java Architect and Lead Developer
Yevgen Peresvyetov, Strategic Advisor
CEO and co-founder of Adkernel, LLC
Eduard Vasinskyi
Lead Java Developer
Nikolai Khokhlov
Java Developer


30 Montgomery St, 440
Jersey City, NJ 07302
52 Bohdana Khmelnytskogo St
Kyiv City